Ibis Padang

Constructed on 2,197 square meters area, Ibis Padang Hotels stands firmly with 13 stories height in an 8,133 square meters building. The concept that brought up on this project is modern, dynamic, futuristic, and yet simple and elegant. Ibis Padang Hotel is located on Jl. Taman Siswa No. 1 North Padang, Padang, Indonesia. A combination between the magnificent construction and strategic location has become the attraction of this 3-star hotel. Moreover, this hotel has 168 rooms consist of 161 deluxe rooms and 7 suite rooms. There are also 302 m2 Indoor and Sky Dining restaurant along with three meeting areas of 68 m2, 72 m2, and 72 m2.

This hotel also features anti-seismic that can minimize the shock during earthquakes. As the hotel is located on the downtown of Padang and it is recorded in Zone 6, a prone to earthquake area. Therefore, the concept of the design that has brought up of this construction is Quake-Resistant Building System.

Project Details
  • Location: Jl. Taman Siswa No.1A, Padang West Sumatra
  • Dimension: 2.197 m2 Site Area, 8.133 m2 Total Area, 13 Storiescili
  • Facilities: Restaurants, Meeting Rooms, Rooms
  • Period: 2010 -2013